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First published in Poetrix. Issue 10, May 1998

I spotted love

drove past it


backed up

and asked what the hell

it was doing

standing there like that


Love was pissed

it closed its eyes 

and told me 

to bugger off.

I shrugged

and drove

and watched the mirror

make it disappear.


First published in Woorilla Magazine, Vol. 8 No. 2 Summer 97/98

Sitting on the end of the bed

I look back at you

Immersed in peace.



the colour of the sky changes 

and you’re still there


I wrap the top blanket around my body

and walk to the verandah


I watch the everything change

innocence lost

in the definition of light


That is when you will wake

and look at me


I will see the regret

that I always see


Just before you leave.

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